Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prelude—Tales of War Part 1: The Puppet Masters

                The grass bent easily under the unrelenting heel of his thick leather boots. His midnight black cloak envelopes his broad frame concealing the smart well groomed suite beneath. A single sapphire rose pin holds the Teutonic cloak shut over his right shoulder.  A voluptuous hood conceals his strong face hiding his intense brown eyes from the afternoon sun. Pausing amidst the field he lifts a smooth hand, revealing a light brown skin coloration, to chest height with his palm facing away and arm out stretched

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ArcaneSteam: The Nature of Magic

Dear Readers,
          Two things permeate the life of the characters found within the world of ArcaneSteam. The presence of steam engines that drive the industrial age and the might of magic that perpetuates the age of mystery. The following article will take a look into the second showing how its works in the laws of nature. Please fill free to leave comments on this any any of my other pieces of work, as a writer I am always looking for feedback on how to improve and make my stories and world more enjoyable for my readers.

Full Steam Ahead,

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ArcaneSteam: Gaia-An Historical Overview

Letter from the Author
                Dear Reader,
                                In this article you will find an overview of the world in which I have set my story dating back all the way to its creation. It is my goal with this overview that you will gain a base insight into the setting of ArcaneSteam.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Full steam ahead,

Thursday, September 1, 2011


My first post to this blog will be a brief introduction of not only myself but of the genre you can accept to find here. First off we'll begin with who I am.

I am Cain, and yes for those of you who are curious this is a pen-name. I have been writing fictional work in my spare time for several years now. My works began as a novel that has gone through about five total revisions keeping the same basic world, characters, and general plot line. However recently I decided to take my ideas and shape them into a series of short stories with the main connection between them being the characters. The novel that is currently sitting on my shelf shall remain untouched for the time being but drawn upon for lore and history of the world which I have set my short stories in. Ninety percent of the time I hand write all of my first drafts, for both fiction and non-fiction. This practice has led to the hand writing of over 3000 pages.

In this blog you will find article's involving the genre called Steampunk. Steampunk is an alternate historical science fiction/fantasy genre set in the Victorian period of history in which steam is the source of power and industry flourishes. In this world ocean going vessels are found flying through the sky and technology powered by archaic methods can often be found. For the Steampunk the aesthetic is often as important to a piece of technology as is the function of it. For me I've taken things a step further and placed my story at the beginning of 1914, just prior to World War 1 (which has already occurred in this time-line). For many that work with this genre this is considered to be the very edge of acceptable time frame. Within in the world of ArcaneSteam I have also place a great deal of fantasy aspects such as magic and different species of self-aware life. Magic and Science co-exist allowing for even more "advanced" technology to be driven by the Steam-power. With this aspect the world spills over into a genre often called Steam and Sorcery which would basically be the fantasy version of Steampunk. I hope this brief introduction into the world of steampunk provides you with a ground work for what is to come in the future from my writings. 

As time progresses I will be posting more information about the story itself. This will include character sketches, local information, detailed description of specialized technology used in the world, articles on how magic functions within the laws of nature as well as several short stories set within the world. I hope you enjoy what is to come and that you check back often in eager anticipation.

Full steam ahead,